Hey peeps, (Just another random post)

Paige here, and the winner of the poll last week was parakeets who had all the votes in the poll, which you can view below. Seriously guys, what is it with you peeps and parakeets? And why do you not like mice? Don’t worry, I was gonna get a parakeet anyway, but thanks, you made a difference anyway. *wink* And did you know something crazy? I actually can’t wink. So it’s like some sort of digital wink or something. And by the way? Anesthetic is awesome. I’ve had it before. It is so weird, you feel all woozy, you can’t walk straight… Yah, so it does get a little annoying after a while, but, still, it is awesome. You’re all, “Hey mom, I can go down the stairs now!” BANG CRASH “AAHHHH!!” Okay, maybe not… That’s a bit violent. And my mom is coming back tonight! And do I have a surprise for her! Can you keep a secret? No you can’t. LOL I’m so bored….


Cody Simpson

Hey guys, my sister just told me about this hot (as in famous, NOT cute, though you can decide for yourselves) new Australian singer called Cody Simpson. Now, I was like, ok, so I searched him on Youtube. Now, my instant favorite was this song called On My Mind by him. But I can’t post it here ’cause my cousin Wei Lun begged me not to. He didn’t say not to put a picture, though, so here he is.

Cody Simpson

So anyway, in his song, he’s strolling through the mall, and he finds this pic of a girl who he’s never even seen in his life, and he makes it his duty to do whatever it takes to find the girl in the picture. It’s so weird. And my impression? A sad, desperate, begging puppy. You can see it in his face. How ’bout you? Leave your answer in the comments below. Also, which are better pets, mice or parakeets? Vote please. And btw, the winner of the poll was Rolling in the Deep by Adele with two votes, then Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri and Can’t decide. I love them all.


Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been posting in a while, but I had stuff going on. ‘Cause I’m sorry, and I feel guilty, here’s a poll and the youtube videos described for you to watch and vote.