Of Eclipses and Cheeseball Men

Dec. 10th, 22:20

Two boys, laughing crazily and just generally being themselves, toss a UFO, also known as a Unidentified Falling Object, from the roof they are sitting on. It breaks as it touches the pavement, like a diver who did a belly flop and shattered her… Ok, that’s too violent. Well, it snaps, a piece falling beyond the gate. Knowing perfectly I’m in the spotlight, I cautiously and bravely, if I do say so myself, walk to the weird thing that’s rolling around in circles.

“Hey,” I shout. “Why’d you guys break a plunger?”

“We broke it?” A boy says. “Awesome!”

I walk, stunned, back to the sidewalk, and to my father. I feel exposed, under the light that is not the moon. The moon, the actual source of light there would be at night had we not had electricity, is in the Earth’s shadow. It is an eclipse. But it is light.

I’m partly thinking what people were thinking when there was an eclipse, and there was no electricity or fire. Were the people freaking out? Probably. I’m also thinking about the boys, and why they are sitting there if they can’t even see the moon from that spot.

“Papa?” I ask. “Why did they break a plunger?”

“I think the question is,” he says, “not why they broke it, but why they even had a plunger up there.”

About 12 hours ago, I received a funny video from my Uncle Jim, which he had posted on Youtube. I’ll display it below.

Frosty the Cheeseball Man

He’s an awesome chef 😀


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