Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, but…

Well, anyway, I WATCHED THE PHINEAS AND FERB MOVIE!!!!!!!!!! IT IS SO AWESOME!! The movie made me LOL-hard. It’s so good, I might even watch the replay at 10am today. It’s now my favorite movie.

I’ve been wanting to see it for a while now, so I was pretty excited. A WHILE NOW. Yah, a while. And now while doesn’t even look like a word.

SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry.

Oh yeah,




Hey, guys, I just finished reading A Tale Dark and Grimm by Adam Gidwitz. It’s a dark, bloody, chilling story with a funny, sarcastic writer. Also found on my school recommendation book list! A combination of many Grimm tales (Grimm as in the Brothers Grimm, but also grim), this scary story will bring fear to your heart (and bile to your throat). So what are you waiting for? READ IT!

A snippet of my daily journal entry… Type from the Heart

The heart is such a funny thing. I mean, why the feathers did people change a disgusting lump of life to a cute little symbol we use daily?
It’s so weird.
It reminds me of a Foxtrot comic. It’s Valentine’s Day dinner, and Peter’s like, I made you spaghetti, and Paige’s like, I made you juice, and then Jason says cheerily, “I made you heart shaped placemats,” which are shaped like the REAL HEART, details and all, and the parents are like, I’m not hungry. LOL.
I use like too much.
Don’t I?

A snippet of my daily journal entry… This Time

This Time

Love it.
The song, that is. I’m listening to it right now.
This time, I’m gonna do it my way, this time, ‘m finding out the hard way, this time, mmm mm m mm m mmm mmm mmm m mm m m m M m, this time, etc…
Okay. It stopped.
Click play!
There it is….
So many people are reading my blog now! I can’t believe it. I sent the link in an email to my teacher, who in turn sent it to all my teachers, and now I’m getting so many comments after I sent it to all my friends, and it’s SO cool!
And I was like, OH my gosh, It’s so AWEsome, cuz all these people readin’, make me wanna say,
OH, oh oh oh, oh OH, oh oh oh, oh OH, oh oh oh, oh OH Oh my gOSH!
THANK you, THANK you! Good night Alex and the cats! Yeah!
*slams guitar*
Yeah, yeah, I know. Being too dramatic and such. But can I help it that I want to be famous? *sigh* my life is so boring.
Oh. And btw, here’s the song.

Birdies (Just another random post)

Okay guys, this is just gonna be another perfectly normal Just Another Random Post. Yeah. Hehe…


Heha, betcha didn’t see that coming. Oh, and by the way, did I mention that Just Another Random Post also has Just Another Random Polls as well? No I didn’t. Well, anyway, it does. So for this post, you have to vote. Like have to. Or else… um… something…. will happen to you! Yeah. See? I’m psychic. …Yyyeah.

So here’s the poll:

My daily journal entry… Morning Magic

Everybody’s quiet.
Daisy, me, the cats, the birds; the only sounds are Daisy fussing around in the kitchen and me typing away at this little computer.
But nobody speaks.
Everybody listens.
But all of a sudden the magic is gone.
Because you can hear cars racing by, birds chirping.
And it’s gone.
The spell has broken.
And I don’t think peeps are reading my blog.
Sad right?
Great. I just sent an email asking people to read my blog. Does that make me seem like to much of a beggar, or what? I hope not.
I smell cookies.
At least I hope they’re cookies. It’s probably just breakfast. But hey, that WOULD be cool if we were having waffles, cuz I’m mad about waffles.
But unfortunately, our waffle maker broke.
I don’t think the watchamacallit on the second line fits there.
But it looks like it fits there.
So I’m just gonna leave it there.
Okay now this is just random.
Kay. I just had some bacon, we don’t have any milk, and I want a drink that is not water that I like.

My daily journal entry… Wow

I’ve choked twice in a week
I went to the hospital cause I couldn’t breathe.
I’ve been bitten by a dog, neatly lost a parrot, and was knocked to the ground by the same dog.
My lovebird Squirrel nearly escaped twice.
Mom was replacing the toy and he flew into the kitchen.
It was hectic.
I didn’t know Daisy could catch birds.
But she can.
Then he slipped through the bars of the cage and was at the door of freedom nearly escaping very nearly and Dusty was squawking and everybody was hyper and-
He couldn’t leave.
Masquerade just couldn’t leave.
Can anybody really just abandon the love of their life?
So he’s just sitting there, staring at the key to his heart, and everybody’s quiet, staring at him…
What decision will he make?
And then, of course, Mom came behind him with a broom, and frightened him, and made Squirrel fly around aimlessly for a bit.
Then Daisy made her second bird catch of the day.
But the sad part is that now we have to use mesh on their cage.
It’s depressing.

A seedy story: two young lovebirds

Love is a strange thing.

But don’t worry. It gets stranger. Especially when it occurs between two little birds that happen to own.They’re scared, speedy, and their names are Squirrel and Dusty. Aren’t they cute? Masquerade and Seadust, actually. Squirrel and Dusty are their nicknames. So sweet. My mom got me them. They’re male and female and my mom says that they refuse to separate. They’ll be eight months in the end of September when they can mate and build a nest for tiny eggs to hatch. Yay! Then I can give a baby bird to my sister. YAY! They’re so cute! Here’s a few pics.

Squirrel and Dusty Kissing! Were kissing... cute anyway.

Oops... sorry Squirrel, but Dusty needed to get around you.

Excuse me, pardon me... Yeah, yeah, sure, that's good...

Apparently, it's either Tag, or Simon Says...

Okay lads, other way now! Hmm, hmm hm HMM, la di da, mmm......

And my other pets… Hover to see their names.

Soo cute...

Also known as Quartet. Do you see it?


Well, fun’s fun, but I have to go make sure Fuzzy doesn’t eat the birds, who are currently obsessed with trying to escape from the cage. Baby lovebirds! Couldn’t you just die?

Love them, and bye! This is Paige, signing off.

Hey peeps, (Just another random post)

Paige here, and the winner of the poll last week was parakeets who had all the votes in the poll, which you can view below. Seriously guys, what is it with you peeps and parakeets? And why do you not like mice? Don’t worry, I was gonna get a parakeet anyway, but thanks, you made a difference anyway. *wink* And did you know something crazy? I actually can’t wink. So it’s like some sort of digital wink or something. And by the way? Anesthetic is awesome. I’ve had it before. It is so weird, you feel all woozy, you can’t walk straight… Yah, so it does get a little annoying after a while, but, still, it is awesome. You’re all, “Hey mom, I can go down the stairs now!” BANG CRASH “AAHHHH!!” Okay, maybe not… That’s a bit violent. And my mom is coming back tonight! And do I have a surprise for her! Can you keep a secret? No you can’t. LOL I’m so bored….

Cody Simpson

Hey guys, my sister just told me about this hot (as in famous, NOT cute, though you can decide for yourselves) new Australian singer called Cody Simpson. Now, I was like, ok, so I searched him on Youtube. Now, my instant favorite was this song called On My Mind by him. But I can’t post it here ’cause my cousin Wei Lun begged me not to. He didn’t say not to put a picture, though, so here he is.

Cody Simpson

So anyway, in his song, he’s strolling through the mall, and he finds this pic of a girl who he’s never even seen in his life, and he makes it his duty to do whatever it takes to find the girl in the picture. It’s so weird. And my impression? A sad, desperate, begging puppy. You can see it in his face. How ’bout you? Leave your answer in the comments below. Also, which are better pets, mice or parakeets? Vote please. And btw, the winner of the poll was Rolling in the Deep by Adele with two votes, then Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri and Can’t decide. I love them all.