Einstein the Talking Parrot

So, I’ve been watching videos of Einstein the African Gray, like Einstein the Parrot Takes a Shower! and Einstein the Parrot Pops some Popcorn! and she’s SO CUTE!!

I’m thinking what it would be like if Alex was like her. All he says is “Hello,” and some assorted nonsense. But he does say it in many styles, and that’s got to count for something, right? Okay, never mind. But I just don’t know how to teach him. ??

Oh yeah, and here’s the videos:


Alex’s Adventure

There are many sad or frustrating events in our family. I had a dream I was flying, and then I was falling, Fuzzy bites, and the birdies STILL HAVEN’T LAID AN EGG YET OH, MY GOSH YOU LOVEBIRDS WHY, BIRDIES WHY??? *sniff* it’s very unfortunate. But the worst part was Alex’s adventure.

So, we brought Alex out of our house. Honestly, we didn’t expect him to do much, as he was very nervous and was walking all around Papa’s shoulders. But Papa had just sat down when…

Alex totally FREAKED and flew away. Not kidding. We immediately ran out of the house and tried to spot him, but to no avail. After about half of a half an hour, my father decided he would go biking around the neighborhood, to see if he could find him. He wasn’t that stressed however, since Alex is very smart and he’d have to eat sometime, right? Papa was pretty certain he’d have to come home.

But Claire wanted to come biking, and I heeling. Like, as in using the wheeled shoes, Heelys. Oh, did I mention I’m pretty good at it? So naturally, Papa said yes, and we walked outside to wait for her.

So, I was just heeling around, waiting, when all of a sudden there’s this flapping of wings and Papa goes, “Alex?” And I run to him, and Alex is sitting right on our neighbors step and the door opens and this young boy, he’s staring at him and he SCREAMS, he’s like totally freaking out and his grandfather comes out and just stares at the bird with slightly amused expression on his face.

“Uh, hi,” my father says awkwardly, “um, that’s our bird.”

Yeah, I don’t think we’re the best neighbors they could have wished for.

But the grandfather is very calm, he expertly carries Alex to us, never wavering, even though Alex bites him. *hides head in hands* How embarrassing. And Claire has come to us, watching, and as soon as Alex is with Papa he says a very soft, “Hello.”


Birdies (Just another random post)

Okay guys, this is just gonna be another perfectly normal Just Another Random Post. Yeah. Hehe…


Heha, betcha didn’t see that coming. Oh, and by the way, did I mention that Just Another Random Post also has Just Another Random Polls as well? No I didn’t. Well, anyway, it does. So for this post, you have to vote. Like have to. Or else… um… something…. will happen to you! Yeah. See? I’m psychic. …Yyyeah.

So here’s the poll:

My daily journal entry… Wow

I’ve choked twice in a week
I went to the hospital cause I couldn’t breathe.
I’ve been bitten by a dog, neatly lost a parrot, and was knocked to the ground by the same dog.
My lovebird Squirrel nearly escaped twice.
Mom was replacing the toy and he flew into the kitchen.
It was hectic.
I didn’t know Daisy could catch birds.
But she can.
Then he slipped through the bars of the cage and was at the door of freedom nearly escaping very nearly and Dusty was squawking and everybody was hyper and-
He couldn’t leave.
Masquerade just couldn’t leave.
Can anybody really just abandon the love of their life?
So he’s just sitting there, staring at the key to his heart, and everybody’s quiet, staring at him…
What decision will he make?
And then, of course, Mom came behind him with a broom, and frightened him, and made Squirrel fly around aimlessly for a bit.
Then Daisy made her second bird catch of the day.
But the sad part is that now we have to use mesh on their cage.
It’s depressing.

A seedy story: two young lovebirds

Love is a strange thing.

But don’t worry. It gets stranger. Especially when it occurs between two little birds that happen to own.They’re scared, speedy, and their names are Squirrel and Dusty. Aren’t they cute? Masquerade and Seadust, actually. Squirrel and Dusty are their nicknames. So sweet. My mom got me them. They’re male and female and my mom says that they refuse to separate. They’ll be eight months in the end of September when they can mate and build a nest for tiny eggs to hatch. Yay! Then I can give a baby bird to my sister. YAY! They’re so cute! Here’s a few pics.

Squirrel and Dusty Kissing! Were kissing... cute anyway.

Oops... sorry Squirrel, but Dusty needed to get around you.

Excuse me, pardon me... Yeah, yeah, sure, that's good...

Apparently, it's either Tag, or Simon Says...

Okay lads, other way now! Hmm, hmm hm HMM, la di da, mmm......

And my other pets… Hover to see their names.

Soo cute...

Also known as Quartet. Do you see it?


Well, fun’s fun, but I have to go make sure Fuzzy doesn’t eat the birds, who are currently obsessed with trying to escape from the cage. Baby lovebirds! Couldn’t you just die?

Love them, and bye! This is Paige, signing off.

The Baby Bird Has Feathers!


Here it is, begging for food. This picture isn't very good, but...

If you look closely, you can see just a bit of olive green there.


Shark teeth!


Though I am still mourning the loss of my other bird Carmen, I have some other news: The other bird has feathers! I took some pictures so you can see. The black things aren’t wings, they’re shafts, and if you look very closely you can see a bit of olive green at the back. There are also golden white feathers on its chest, too! It’s kind of hard to tell, ’cause the shafts there are the same color as the feathers, but its kinda cool. And, yours truly has shark teeth (for a limited time only, though). Awesome, huh? Also, what does a bird look like when it opens its eyes? Please leave a comment below, and I’ll be back soon. Peace.

My daily journal entry… sinamun

Some time ago, I was chatting with my friend, Kristen, on Gmail. I wanted to see her Zimmertwins videos, and she mine. But neither of us really knew how to view the others’ videos. So she gave me her username, and I gave her mine, which was sinamun. And then she asked me how to pronounce it.

I felt a little bit embarrassed then, ’cause although sinamun is a play on words (the word being cinnamon), it does come with its disadvantages.

Have you ever owned a webkinz? If you have, you will know that when you reach the tournament arena, your username is shortened to the first three letters. For example, if your username was volleyball9160, and you had a goldfish named Fluffy, you’d be vol with Fluffy with a picture of Fluffy.

You get it, don’t you? So other people see me as sin with Sabine. Sin. Owch. But I can’t talk about that right now ’cause Daisy found some baby birds and we had to feed them bread saturated with milk and-

Calm down. Calm down. Okay, so here’s how it all started. I was writing in my journal at the black table, when Daisy came in from the kitchen holding a small, origami made box, probably made from a magazine page (we always keep a few of those on the microwave) and plonked it down next to the water jug. Naturally, Claire and I looked in. And what were in there? Baby birds. And I’m not talking about those adorable fuzzy little chicks you see in movies or stuff like that. No way, Jose. I’m talking two featherless, miniscule babies, who haven’t even opened their eyes yet, with reddish-brown transparent skin so you can see their body parts (internal). Their limbs are so feeble it’s all they can do to scoot around on their backs and wave their legs and twist their necks. But they are cute, I suppose, in that ugly duckling kind of way. At least, that’s what I thought. And the moment I saw them, with their petite yellow beaks and their black rimmed wings, a crazy, half-formed thought danced through my head: did Daisy find these when she was cracking eggs?
Look, I know it was stupid. And for a few reasons. One, why would Daisy be cracking eggs? We had tortellinis for lunch (this is a note I made afterwards). Two, If they were found in eggs, they’d be covered in sticky stuff. And they’d be dead. But still, don’t blame me. Blame my imagination.
“Woah, what are those?” Claire and I woahed.
After we called for Mom, Daisy explained she’d found the baby birds in our yard, soaked with water. Quickly she’d went inside, grabbed a box and a paper towel, and gently laid them inside. She had no idea what to do with them now.
We peered more closely into the box. One bird, a darker reddish color, was craning its neck and doing that thing birds do when they really want food. The other was paler and stirring feebly. They looked like they were going to die.
My mom launched a bird website, wondering if we could get worms from the bird store in time, and quickly dialed the number of my father, the bird expert, in the family. Daisy, Claire and I could only watch the birds, and wish and pray.
We could hear Mom in the other room: “Soak bread in cow milk? Okay… what about regular milk?” Quickly, we grabbed the milk and a piece of bread for her. She said, “Thanks,” and hung up.
The first piece of bread was a fail. The second, however, was okay. Using a chopstick and what looked like a plastic tuner, she attempted to put crumbs of saturated milk into the begging bird’s mouth. After a few tries, she did it. Yay! We fed the other bird as well, but their future was still unclear. But feeding them was fun.
Later, at lunch, my mom commented on and concocted a mixture consisting of egg yolk (as a solid), canned tuna, and a little bit of water which we used to feed the birds every quarter hour or so. But I don’t think they have a very fast digestive system (considerably fast by our standards, though), as right now both of their bellies are full and we’re expecting messes (yes, we can tell. Isn’t that gross?). But they both seem very healthy, and though the bird website says that 90-95% of birds taken in by humans die, I think these two might make it. Keep your fingers crossed.

A snippet of my daily journal entry… Purrrrrrrfect

Speaking of Ana, I remember the time she was at our house for a playdate in New York. We didn’t have Fuzzy then. Her parents came into our house to pick her up. And, they just had to bring Moe.
Moe is her Labrador Retriever. He’s pretty old now, ’cause back then he was really big.
So, they brought Moe in, and I think he was barking, ’cause he smelled cat, of course. Then, I think Fluffy got scared and ran somewhere, and Moe saw her, and he’s like, “CAT!!!!!!!!!!” So he wrenches away from Ana’s parents, and tears after Fluffy, still wearing his leash. I’m sorry Fluffy, but I was half petrified and half rolling on the floor with laughter. The memory’s kinda fuzzy, but I can recall tiny Fluffy streaking under the black table, while big Moe crashes into it, while somehow managing to go under it at the same time. In the end, Fluffy scampered under my parent’s bed as Ana’s parents held Moe back. Just something fun to remember.