Alex’s Adventure

There are many sad or frustrating events in our family. I had a dream I was flying, and then I was falling, Fuzzy bites, and the birdies STILL HAVEN’T LAID AN EGG YET OH, MY GOSH YOU LOVEBIRDS WHY, BIRDIES WHY??? *sniff* it’s very unfortunate. But the worst part was Alex’s adventure.

So, we brought Alex out of our house. Honestly, we didn’t expect him to do much, as he was very nervous and was walking all around Papa’s shoulders. But Papa had just sat down when…

Alex totally FREAKED and flew away. Not kidding. We immediately ran out of the house and tried to spot him, but to no avail. After about half of a half an hour, my father decided he would go biking around the neighborhood, to see if he could find him. He wasn’t that stressed however, since Alex is very smart and he’d have to eat sometime, right? Papa was pretty certain he’d have to come home.

But Claire wanted to come biking, and I heeling. Like, as in using the wheeled shoes, Heelys. Oh, did I mention I’m pretty good at it? So naturally, Papa said yes, and we walked outside to wait for her.

So, I was just heeling around, waiting, when all of a sudden there’s this flapping of wings and Papa goes, “Alex?” And I run to him, and Alex is sitting right on our neighbors step and the door opens and this young boy, he’s staring at him and he SCREAMS, he’s like totally freaking out and his grandfather comes out and just stares at the bird with slightly amused expression on his face.

“Uh, hi,” my father says awkwardly, “um, that’s our bird.”

Yeah, I don’t think we’re the best neighbors they could have wished for.

But the grandfather is very calm, he expertly carries Alex to us, never wavering, even though Alex bites him. *hides head in hands* How embarrassing. And Claire has come to us, watching, and as soon as Alex is with Papa he says a very soft, “Hello.”



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