My daily journal entry… My Rockin’ Dream

My dream ROCKED last last night, thanks to emerald wolf, you are AWESOME! YOU ROCK!!!! LUV YA!! Without your help my dream would have just been a nightmare. So thank you, you are awesome. So gather round, erm….., people, and listen to the tale of a group of adventurers, struggling to stay alive…
Five kids were our clique, a clique bent on living. A flood was swamping the world, and we were so alone, nobody to come rescue us. We ran from it, and it chased us, a simple yet complicated plot, like a story we were trapped in that never seemed to end. We hid from it, in video games and in the crowds of a super crabby Justin Beiber concert (I couldn’t stop giggling, and the shocked expression on my sisters face was priceless), but it always managed to find us. At last, we were in some underground stone passageways, rather like a maze. Water dripped everywhere, and the place reeked of mildew.  Green moss was all around us, between the cracks of the ceiling and under our feet as we walked. But we were safe, and that was all that mattered to us.
Leader was barking orders at us. She was the bravest, most sensible, and fiercest leader we could ever have hoped for, willing to do whatever it took to stay alive. Lucille, the smallest, had the job of spreading grey fungus along the walls, because for some reason that would help us. I don’t know. Search me.
But all of a sudden the walls started rapidly turning grey, and we saw a wave of water coming right at us.
“Oh, no,” Lucille said.
For some reason, that sparked something in my memory. I thought of my friend and her tales of swooping through the sky in dreams she had realized she was in, and I thought, I’m in a dream. I’m in a dream! So I sprinted to the other side of the passageway, and suddenly, I was at the top of a stairwell in my school, and my fear of heights vanishing, I dove over the side and passed through the wall, spread my arms and I was flying. I was flying! It was a glorious sensation. The wind in my hair, under my arms and around my lower body. I loved it. It was so real to me, at least it felt real, that I wished so much it was true.
And then I woke up.

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