My daily journal entry… Morning Magic

Everybody’s quiet.
Daisy, me, the cats, the birds; the only sounds are Daisy fussing around in the kitchen and me typing away at this little computer.
But nobody speaks.
Everybody listens.
But all of a sudden the magic is gone.
Because you can hear cars racing by, birds chirping.
And it’s gone.
The spell has broken.
And I don’t think peeps are reading my blog.
Sad right?
Great. I just sent an email asking people to read my blog. Does that make me seem like to much of a beggar, or what? I hope not.
I smell cookies.
At least I hope they’re cookies. It’s probably just breakfast. But hey, that WOULD be cool if we were having waffles, cuz I’m mad about waffles.
But unfortunately, our waffle maker broke.
I don’t think the watchamacallit on the second line fits there.
But it looks like it fits there.
So I’m just gonna leave it there.
Okay now this is just random.
Kay. I just had some bacon, we don’t have any milk, and I want a drink that is not water that I like.

4 thoughts on “My daily journal entry… Morning Magic

  1. Paige-
    HI Paige. I enjoyed this free verse- it truly depicts your voice- as if you were sitting here conversing with me.
    I’m mad about Waffles, too! I thought I was the only one… but the waffles I am speaking of is not the kind you eat. It’s my Teddy Bear that I have had since… well.. forever. Poor guy’s head is rather lopsided from me secretly stuffing it in my backback during elementary and his arm is burned from when he touched a light bulb in college. He has hung on strong and been to many countries with me. My husband gets a bit jealous that Waffles still gets the prime spot on the bed. I am eager to read more of your work- love that can I be part of your world.

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