My daily journal entry… Wow

I’ve choked twice in a week
I went to the hospital cause I couldn’t breathe.
I’ve been bitten by a dog, neatly lost a parrot, and was knocked to the ground by the same dog.
My lovebird Squirrel nearly escaped twice.
Mom was replacing the toy and he flew into the kitchen.
It was hectic.
I didn’t know Daisy could catch birds.
But she can.
Then he slipped through the bars of the cage and was at the door of freedom nearly escaping very nearly and Dusty was squawking and everybody was hyper and-
He couldn’t leave.
Masquerade just couldn’t leave.
Can anybody really just abandon the love of their life?
So he’s just sitting there, staring at the key to his heart, and everybody’s quiet, staring at him…
What decision will he make?
And then, of course, Mom came behind him with a broom, and frightened him, and made Squirrel fly around aimlessly for a bit.
Then Daisy made her second bird catch of the day.
But the sad part is that now we have to use mesh on their cage.
It’s depressing.

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