A seedy story: two young lovebirds

Love is a strange thing.

But don’t worry. It gets stranger. Especially when it occurs between two little birds that happen to own.They’re scared, speedy, and their names are Squirrel and Dusty. Aren’t they cute? Masquerade and Seadust, actually. Squirrel and Dusty are their nicknames. So sweet. My mom got me them. They’re male and female and my mom says that they refuse to separate. They’ll be eight months in the end of September when they can mate and build a nest for tiny eggs to hatch. Yay! Then I can give a baby bird to my sister. YAY! They’re so cute! Here’s a few pics.

Squirrel and Dusty Kissing! Were kissing... cute anyway.

Oops... sorry Squirrel, but Dusty needed to get around you.

Excuse me, pardon me... Yeah, yeah, sure, that's good...

Apparently, it's either Tag, or Simon Says...

Okay lads, other way now! Hmm, hmm hm HMM, la di da, mmm......

And my other pets… Hover to see their names.

Soo cute...

Also known as Quartet. Do you see it?


Well, fun’s fun, but I have to go make sure Fuzzy doesn’t eat the birds, who are currently obsessed with trying to escape from the cage. Baby lovebirds! Couldn’t you just die?

Love them, and bye! This is Paige, signing off.


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