The Baby Bird Has Feathers!


Here it is, begging for food. This picture isn't very good, but...

If you look closely, you can see just a bit of olive green there.


Shark teeth!


Though I am still mourning the loss of my other bird Carmen, I have some other news: The other bird has feathers! I took some pictures so you can see. The black things aren’t wings, they’re shafts, and if you look very closely you can see a bit of olive green at the back. There are also golden white feathers on its chest, too! It’s kind of hard to tell, ’cause the shafts there are the same color as the feathers, but its kinda cool. And, yours truly has shark teeth (for a limited time only, though). Awesome, huh? Also, what does a bird look like when it opens its eyes? Please leave a comment below, and I’ll be back soon. Peace.


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