Random Moment In My Life

Ok, so, a few years ago, I was watching the second High School Musical movie with my family, and I had my favorite stuffed animal with me. So, we were watching it, and we were at the part where Gabriella is having a row with Troy. And she’s all like, “You don’t love me, boo hoo hoo,” and he’s like, “No, it’s not like that!”

So we’re watching them, and I look at my lap, and find my stuffed animal has torn. And since I was young, I started crying.

Now, if you were watching this movie, and you were watching this part, and you saw me crying, what would you think? Would you think of my stuffed animal? No, you’d think that the sad movie broke my heart! And so that’s what my mom thought.

“Don’t worry, honey, they’ll get back together,” she said soothingly.

“No, it’s not that, my stuffed animal ripped!” I sobbed.

I was reminded of this tragic moment when watching the Muppet Show a few nights ago. And by the way, it’s only considered a little kids show ’cause it has a bunch of puppets. Avery Schreiber was making a guest appearance and was having an insult fight with a monster. So he defeated the monster, but the monster made a last insult and “Sir Avery” fell. So Kermit, who was commenting, said, “Oh! Sir Avery has been hit! Sir Avery has been hit! I think this may be a draw!”

But “Sir Avery” said, “He didn’t get me with his insult! It was his breath!”

See the resemblance?

Maybe “Sir Avery” and I were just at the wrong place at the wrong time, or in the wrong situation at the wrong time, or something like that. Think about it. Oh yeah, Sir Avery’s victory can be viewed below at 4:44. You can watch the second part of the video for the gorilla machine, and watch Nice Guys. It rocks!


2 thoughts on “Random Moment In My Life

  1. Hey, I know exactly what you mean by wrong place and time!! I want to subscribe, but i can’t find the button to do it with. Do you know???

    Emerald Wolf
    p.s hopefully you know I am

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