A snippet of my daily journal entry… Zimmertwins Mishaps

Hey. It’s me again.
Well, anyway, let’s get down to business. There’s this website called zimmertwins.com which I wanted to play on but forgot what it was called. I knew it had two twins, a boy and a girl, and a cat, but I couldn’t remember any of their names. Well today, I remembered! The cat’s name was 13. So I searched Google for: twin girl and boy and cat 13 animation, and I found it! Booyah!  So I tried to make a video, which I’d done, but then I realized I had to create an account, which I’d thought I’d done, but then I realized I hadn’t made an account at all! So then I had to remake the video, after logging in, of course, but didn’t type anything in for the speech bubbles. I figured I’d do that later. But then, when I went back to it to edit it, I found I couldn’t! It was so infuriating! So now I have to redo it for the third time in a row. That was sad. I’ll post it when it’s done. Until then, sayonara!


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