A snippet of my daily journal entry… Reincarnation

My friend Kristen gave a poll about animals. She asked, “Which animal do you like best?”, and gave a list of choices. Here are the results of the poll:
the winner of the “which is your fav animal?” is dog w/ 8 votes!! any aquatic animal & owl comes in second w/ 2 votes…& in third place is cat & any other animal!!! Congrats to all who voted for dog!!
I didn’t vote ’cause I wasn’t sure, but I think my favorite animal is a lynx. They may not be the prettiest animals around, but I still love them, though I’m not really sure why. I also like cats, ’cause I have two at home, Fluffy and Fuzzy. Fluffy, for your info, is that cat who is always begging to be pet, not that other cat Fuzzy who stares at birds all day, eats table scraps, and who I’ve never, ever heard purr.

Yeah, that's right. This soft lovable furrball is related to wild carnivores. Hard to believe for a cat that only eats cat food, butter and canned tuna.

Fluffy, The Lovable

Fuzzy, The Fierce

Click here for a picture of a lynx:


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