A snippet of my daily journal entry… Purrrrrrrfect

Speaking of Ana, I remember the time she was at our house for a playdate in New York. We didn’t have Fuzzy then. Her parents came into our house to pick her up. And, they just had to bring Moe.
Moe is her Labrador Retriever. He’s pretty old now, ’cause back then he was really big.
So, they brought Moe in, and I think he was barking, ’cause he smelled cat, of course. Then, I think Fluffy got scared and ran somewhere, and Moe saw her, and he’s like, “CAT!!!!!!!!!!” So he wrenches away from Ana’s parents, and tears after Fluffy, still wearing his leash. I’m sorry Fluffy, but I was half petrified and half rolling on the floor with laughter. The memory’s kinda fuzzy, but I can recall tiny Fluffy streaking under the black table, while big Moe crashes into it, while somehow managing to go under it at the same time. In the end, Fluffy scampered under my parent’s bed as Ana’s parents held Moe back. Just something fun to remember.


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